1920s Shoes

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Red faille shoes













Red faille shoes with round toes and high heels. They have a cut-out feature on the toes with gold straps and a separate red strap around the instep. A T-bar and ankle strap with a button, fasten the shoes. Hand sewn at F. Pinet, Paris, a shoemaker from 1855.


Mary Jane pump shoe

The most remarkable thing about women’s shoe history in the 1920s was that they were visible! With dresses getting shorter and ankles now exposed, shoes entered the spotlight. Now shoes were seen and admired, and matched to not only the style of the garment but also to the season too. This caused clothing designers to make new clothes with shoes in mind and often they became shoe designers as well.

The Mary Jane pump, with one or several straps or a ‘T’ bar, an almond shaped toe and modest 5cm “Louis” heel were the most popular shoes of the twenties.


Gold leather shoes with blue, gold and beige brocade inserts. High gold heel with ankle strap and fancy button











Shoes in a two-tone brown checked, woven look, with rounded toes and medium heel.  Gold leather open straps feature on the instep with gold trim round the shoe opening. The gold leather ankle strap fastens with a diamante button.