Hats with birds

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1936 Velour hat with birds













This green velour hat has a low crown. The asymmetrical brim is folded down at the front and the hat is covered with rust coloured birds. From Model Hats by William Beale, Melbourne.

The fashion of wearing feathers in women’s hats began in the court of Louis XV1 of France when Marie Antoinette appeared in a headdress with feather plumes. The fashion gradually spread across Europe and later to the United States colonies until by 1850 the business of killing birds for the millinery trade was practiced on a large scale. Hundreds of thousands of birds in many parts of the world were killed. Gradually, from 1880s, laws began to be passed in various countries banning or limiting which birds or feathers could be used on hats.  However, the practice continued into the 20th century.
















c1930 The brown felt hat is trimmed with a Bird of Paradise including its tail feathers.

This hat belonged to Mrs Richards, who was born in Sydney in 1886 and after travelling with her parents in South Africa, brought it to Sydney in 1931




















c1940 A hat made from multi coloured feathers in a Juliet cap style.

A small Juliet cap styled cocktail hat with a bendable frame underneath to allow it to hug the head. The entire hat is covered with layers of feathers with one large feather sweeping across the front and extending off the hat. From Urbi et Orbi, Yokohama.

Betty, who wore this hat, was a long-standing member of the Brindabella Lions Club of Canberra.