The Cavalcade of History and Fashion

The Cavalcade of History and Fashion

Fabulous Fifties

The 1950s were a time of luxury and style. Due to Australia’s wealthy economy women were able to spend money on clothes. Several new groups emerged, the modern housewife, the career woman and the new teenage culture. Each of these groups developed their own unique style of fashion. An evolution in fashion began. New synthetic materials were being made, like nylon and polyester, which revolutionised the fashion industry as the fabric was easy to care for.

Australian women started wanting the same fashion as the celebrities they saw in Vogue magazines. They were influenced by fashions seen in movies or for teenagers, what their rock & roll idols were wearing.

This presentation gives you a chance to view closely gowns and accessories worn by real women during the fifties and hear some of their fascinating stories.

Photo: Timeline Photography