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Wool through the Ages at Royal Easter Show
Mar 22

Wool through the Ages at Royal Easter Show

Start Date
22-Mar-2024 9:00 am
End Date
02-Apr-2024 9:00 pm
(UTC+11:00) Australia/Sydney

 It was not until the 1890s,when sporting pursuits began to demand less restrictive clothing, that wool began to be worn as outer clothing for many people. Up until then, it was worn as underwear-stockings, singlets, chemises etc and, as such, was usually cream or white. When sport became popular, knitted sweaters and jackets began to be produced. By the 1920s, colour was added to the knitted garments.  Processes refined the woollen products, so they were no longer rough and scratchy. Machine knitting began to mass produce knitwear and hand-knitting became a hobby for the home. Although Aran and Fair Isle sweaters gained notoriety in the 1920s, the designs began in the early 19th century as a pattern for fisherman's caps and sweaters.

This exhibition shows early cream children's wear and how by 1970s children's garments were brightly multicoloured. 

Early and mid 20th century swimwear was famously made of wool, both mass-produced and home-made. Wool's stretchiness for fit was excellent until the costume came into contact with the sea, where upon it would absorb many times its weight in water and gravity would take over when the hapless bather emerged.

The women's wear display shows complete woollen outfits and the rise of the cardigan. There are female woollen dressing gowns and bed jackets. Most men wore woollen suits, often with a patterned vest for casual wear. 

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Homebush NSW

Sunday 22nd Oct 2023
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