Our Story

In 1960 a group of women from Sydney, Australia, put on a fashion parade to raise funds for their local charity. The last gown to be paraded was an historic wedding gown of 1872 worn by Emily Tucker. Immediately people came and offered vintage gowns and accessories belonging to their families and so the collection began. Not only were the items carefully catalogued, but also the history of the wearer was retained giving an outstanding record of the social history of Australian women and their families. These items were used by the Cavalcade volunteers for many years in parades to raise money for a wide variety of charities.


Queen Elizabeth viewing a Cavalcade exhibition in 1970 at Sydney Town Hall.

Today the collection of more than 18,000 items continues to grow and is still used by Cavalcade volunteers to raise funds for charities as well as for community events, education and enjoyment. This is done through a “Museum without Walls” philosophy by bringing themed presentations, displays and exhibitions to many people.


Exhibition of 1960s Day wear at Hawkesbury Gallery